PCEM dosn't have an installer or package for easy installation at the moment (v17), so this is how I got it working on my main computer under Ubuntu MATE 22.04 "Jammy Jellyfish". This'll probably work for other Ubuntu variants of the 22.04 release. Anything else, you're own your own.


Download the PCEM tar.gz file for v17 from the PCEM website. Save that somewhere.

Create an arbitrary directory somewhere, like say ~/pcem.

Extract the .tar.gz to the created directory.

Install the following pre-reqs from apt:

Using the power of reading directions, check out README.md. That has some instructions on installing PCEM. Since I wanted just a standard install, sound, and netoworking, I ran with the appropriate commands which were:

    $ ./configure --enable-release-base --enable-networking --enable-alsa


    $ make

That put the pcem executable in the arbitrary directory and I could then run it with ./pcem

You won't be able to run PCEM without ROMs. I got a set from the Internet Archive. You unzip those into the ~/.pcemu directory. Notice that's a hidden dir in your homedir. If you named your arbitrary directory ~/pcem make sure you're unzipping to the correction one.

And that should be it! Enjoy some PCEMU. To make it easier to run, I created a launcher for pcem that pointed to ~/pcemu/pcemu in various places in MATE that I find useful.

Created: 2022-06-11
Last updated: 2022-06-11